a sour launch

wembley ninny girls

eat your peaches and pebbles

a rock to afford

a gentle peddler of used wares

out a t-shirt and sells it vintage

as if jesus himself wore it

so its mens clothes for sure


dandruff lemonskin flake

you’d think it’s sour but it’s rich

and slightly sweet-creamy like

a slice of thin parmesan clear like

a slide of dead skin off the heel

cut but you do not feel it (yet)


but wait for it, the wound must always rip

it must always break before it mends itself with crystal webs of

skin growing slowly to replace the skin that was lost and eaten up by germs and worms and birds

slowly the wound heels like a shoehorn

that is in to make the out and the off easier, faster, and more efficient so we can move onto bigger and better things involving money and power and self-indulgence read selfishly write here


i went outside

here is a small portfolio of poems i made for a workshop course i took over the spring semester at ku with megan kaminski and some cool helpful classmates. the collection is called i went outside because i wrote many of the poems while i was outside. i had a statement of poetics with it but idk where it went? shruuuugs anyway i hope u enjoy it.